IMG_0252-krakowThis series of work came into my field and took up presence and I am still learning what makes them appear as if they have 4-5 inches of depth that makes them float and become almost holographic, filled with energy specially when using ChromoDepth glasses.

The very first one was an experiment examining the field of potentiality and what I mean by that is the question of who and what is choosing all that is in front of me and making it into a creation.

In the case of these paintings, the background for all of them are cut out pieces of images, colors, shapes , forms from magazines I was recycling . After gluing them down, my inate need to organize, harmonize and make sense of the chaos that was in front of me, went to work and I have used over 4-5 different mediums which I think is one of the reasons the pieces appear 3D.

In creating them what was at play were not only my compulsions, likings and habits, inertias and or inclinations but also a non-personal creative force.

I began following my foot steps and creating 18 more of these MultiDimentional images.

The glasses are optional since their compositions stand on their own and the 3D is just icing on the cake.

It is an amazing phenomenon how light, colors and their positioning when applied a certain way makes paintings 3D or MultiDimential.

These painting are clearly a gift to me and they continue to surprise and delight me. If you have access to ChromoDepth glasses check out the effect. The regular movie theatre ones do not work. Hope you enjoy them.